Do I need a lawyer?

I am a US Citizen filing for her husband, the form i-130, i-864, i-485 and AED. I have all of the forms filled out and preparedfor shipping. But before I send them, I am wondering if I should get a lawyer.

My husband entered the US in 06/2013 with a J-1 visa (Not subject to two year rule.) In 08/2013 he filed for a B1 visa and was approved. That expired in 03/2014. So he has overstayed for more than two years, but I have read that, that offense is typically forgiven if married to a US citizen.
But another problem is that when he came on his J-1 visa he recieved a SSC and was able to work. However after he fell out of status he has continued to work. I have documented that he is working on the i-130 as I heard that, this also could be forgiven once married to a US Citizen.

So do you think I will have problems once submitting these forms because of the overstay and working without auth? And would the best route be with a lawyer. Or does it seem okay that I file without using lawyer?