Do I have to use my Advance Parole within 3 months after it is issued ?


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I got my Advance Parole which was issued on Feb 10th, 2003. My coworker told me that I have to use it at least once within 3 months after the issued date, otherwise the AP will be voided. Is it true? Have you seen any regulation about this? I thought I can use it anytime before I get my I-485 proved. Need your advice!


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Your coworker is just pulling a fast one on you. You can use your AP anytime to return to the US before it expires. I presume your AP is valid till Feb 9, 2004, so you can go abroad anytime but make sure you return before Feb 9, 2004.


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Thx..that wife has just gone to India and I had got my FP issued about 4 months back.