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Divorced before the removal of conditional green card

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by Joma0624, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Joma0624

    Joma0624 New Member

    Hi, I got married last Febuary 2016 and got my 2 year green card november of 2016. I entered the marriage with good faith and had a real relationship with my husband. June of 2016 i caught him cheating on me and even admitted to me that he hooked up with a girl he met online. Fast forward, we talked about it and moved on with our lives and i just forgave him. I got a job moved in to our own place and lived as normal couple. Fast forward to April of 2017 I caught him cheating again when i was checking our phone records and this time he did not admit it, and i again I gave him another chance until, One day it finally ended when i personally caught him red handed and confronted him. Since he was caught red handed he never came home and he stayed with the other woman. So now we've been living separately, trying to make ends meet since he had the nerve to close our bank accounts, cut me off from the phone plan and i car insurance. I had to start over again. Can someone help me what to do? Can i still get my permanent green card? Thanks
  2. Pierre82

    Pierre82 Well-Known Member

    You need to get in touch with an immigration lawyer. Try to do this as soon as you can.
  3. themarketer

    themarketer New Member

    Consultant Immigration Lawyer, Follow A Suitable Step.
  4. George67

    George67 Member

    You will have to file more evidence to show that your marriage was bona fide along with Form I-751 . You have to do that before your conditional green card expires. It is not a good idea to do all this by yourself. You should seek an advise from an immigration attorney.

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  5. newacct

    newacct Well-Known Member

    So did you divorce or not? Your title says "divorced" but you didn't say anything about divorce in your post; just that you have been "living separately".

    You can apply for Removal of Conditions by yourself based on divorce (with evidence of bona fide marriage from the period of marriage of course). If your divorce is already final, you should apply for ROC now with the final divorce order; you don't have to wait until the 90-day period before the 2-year card expires.

    If you haven't filed for divorce, you should file for divorce ASAP. If your divorce is still not final by the time you reach the 90-day window, you should still file ROC based on divorce, and they will send you an RFE with some period of time to provide the final divorce order (they cannot approve an ROC based on divorce until divorce is final). Divorce in some states may take months, and it gets messy if your divorce is still not done in the time they give you; that's why it's better to file for divorce ASAP if you haven't already.

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