diploma not received for TN

I am close to getting a job offer which would require TN visa.

Now I had completed my degree in IT from US university so that part shouldn't be an issue. The problem is that the university sent me a diploma a month back but still I haven't received it. I asked university and they told me there isn't a tracking number which could be that they use the cheapest option. I tried looking for an additional diploma ordering but again looks like they only use the cheapest delivery option without tracking. Now if I get a job offer I might not have a physical diploma to present. What are my options here?

1) Would a letter from university mentioning that I hold credentials work?
2) I have access to PDF version of the diploma online. If I print it and get it attested from notary public will it work? My understanding is that attestation requires a copy and original. In this case I might show attestation officer pdf diploma after logging to the university portal online.


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Your transcript, with the degree conferred is about the only other thing you can use, but that is no guarantee.

How 'bout all that money you handed over to the school, and they send you your diploma second-class mail.