Difficult situation

I have a E-2 visa which expired on 2013 , since then I have applied for extension of stay here in US. I gave been traveling to Mexico with the visa revalidation program a coumlle of times a year with no problem. But yersterday in my way back from Mexico I encountered a very mean officer who told me he knew what I was trying to do. He didn't let me say a word, or ask a question . She told me she was going to let me in but sending a email ( I don't know to whom or to where) saying that I need to to obtain a new visa. I didn't tell him but I currently have a pending petition for an extension . Will this mean that USCIS will denied my extension? Where she sent the emial? Help please. I feel lost


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Ok sorry, that wasn’t clear from your post. If you can extend the visa indefinitely every couple of years, then what is the reason for doing visa revalidation trips a couple of times a year, or does this mean something other than it sounds like?
yes. you have 2 options . you go to the consulate in your country and apply for a visa there , but you have to stay there like 2 months and leave your business in the US for those 2 months or you can apply for an extension of your 1'94 here in the US and if that is approved they give 2 years. it used to be that you where landlock with option 2 but around 3 years ago the came out with a program called visa revalidation that allows you to go to Canada or Mexico for thes than 30 days and when you come back to US they just stamp you passport with the same expiration date as your latest I-94. The problem is that even CPB at the port of entry are sometimes not familiar with this process and they send you to secondary inspection but I was always able to enter US after they check the law. I encountered a really mean officer, he didn't let me say a word.