Different last name on indian passport and green card, OK to travel and come back from india

Dear friends,
I would appreciate if someone with experience can help me with this situation.
I am a conditional greencard holder and will expired in Oct 2017 so need to apply in July. Here is my problem, I have my passport on my Xbox husband name bcz when I came to USA on student visa, I was in divorce process so I didn't get chance to change my name on my passport, and I got married here with my current husband last name so my green card has my current last name. Now I have emergency and going to India with my 3 months old son.
So my question is to go to India is not a problem but when I m coming back, do Indian immigrant counter officer will create any problem? I lost my marriage certificate but I have certified copy, will it be OK?
Pls pls pls help me with this. Indian immigration counter people are so terrified even though u have every document, still they will try to be smart ass. Sorry for my language but it's true.
Thank u.