Did not update the address (didn't submit new AR-11)


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I am renting an apartment and moving around in the same city, to avoid frequent address changes while applying for i485, I gave my friends home address who owns a home. Also submitted AR-11 with that address, I did not submit another AR-11 even after moving to another apartment, to make sure USCIS will have only one address on file. I live 10 min away from my friend.

Now 5 years passed after receiving GC, I want to file for Citizenship.

In N400 address column which address I should write? Whatever I stated in AR-11 (my friends home), or my physical address?

IRS, Banks, Utilities, Employer all have my current physical address.
where you actually lived, your actually physical addresses, with the actual dates you lived there.
you used your friends address as your mailing address, which is not correct. but what is done is done, can't go back in time.