Destination Brotherhood

Shannon Bridget Murphy

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The chill from the December air seized Tomas E Perez and made him feel high spirited that Saturday afternoon. It was a soft landing at The United States port of arrival. A long journey from Hongkong, China left the final destination of Antofagasa, Chile for Tomas E Perez light years away in his mind. He sighed with relief knowing that the sight of land was finally within his reach.

At nineteen years old, Tomas E Perez had become an international traveller with high hopes of a future that looked promising. His immigration record held the promise of a surprising future waiting to be lived. He spoke Chinese and Spanish fluently and with a confident flair. Having the experience to talk to people on a global level, he did so with a unique style to recount tales of intrigue and international travel.

Leaving his last place of residence was difficult for Tomas E Perez. The friendships that he had made while in China held lifetime memories. He had completed his time of education at Kaichi School in Canton, China. The Peking Government was still in a time of learning. China was paying, or at least trying to pay, the debts from the Boxer Rebellion and foreign loans. There were rumors of intervention by The Powers. China had also been the site for discoveries of human remains between 1921 and 1923.

The 5TH Pan-American Conference was held in Chile and concluded in May 1923. At the end of the conference, an agreeement was made that there would be a commission of jurists who would meet at Rio de Janerio in 1925. There, they would codify international law. This included a recommendation to American states to abstain from shipping alcholic beverages to prohibition countries.

What waited for Tomas E Perez at his home of origen in Chile remained to be seen. He felt prepared to meet the challenges that waited. The 1923 Pan-American Conference opend at the National Congress Palace on March 25, 1923. The diplomat had arrived in full regalia.

This story is true and based on the immigration records of Tomas E Perez.

Written by Shannon Bridget Murphy
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