desi145 Approved!! It's the time to disco!


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My 1-140 is approved today.
Called up emergency number to find out my I-485 status.
The lady at thsi number said, it is under 'Detailed review"
Asked her if the case is stuck for FBI name check.
She said, " nothing is mentioned like this here"
She did not reveal anything more about the status of my i-1485.

My case is a pure concurrent filing. Shoudln't my I-485 be approved along with I-140?

Any coments gurus?



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completed stamping process in San Jose this morning. I would suggest to get an early morning appointment. My appt time was 8 AM, reached INS office at 7:45 and out of the office by 8:17 AM.
The whole process was piece of cake. Here are the details.
at the front door, they look for your appointment printout and driver's license. Asks whether you have any food or camera. we had our son's milk, which was no problem. Security asked me to turn off my cell phone. ( mine don't have camera).
After passing through security, asked to goto window.3, where lady looked at the appointment letter and gave token number and asked to sit in chairs. (D series for I-485 approvals).
our token number was called within few minutes. The immigration officer asked for approval notices,appointment letter,passports,two passport style photos for each and current,previous EAD/APs.
Asked to sign I-551 form (both front and back sides) and finger printed on same form (both front and back sides).
stamped our passports with I-551 and told that cards will arrive in mail in 1-6 months. As someone suggested, I made sure our Alien# and WAC# are correct in the passport.​


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Hi all,

I called today emergency number, 949-389-3007.

Nice and very kind gentlement said my name check is done back in January before I asked.

How nice he is!

He updated my address too. Two days ago, I called USCIS and send mail to change address. I beleive it takes a week or so to update database for address change that is way the gentlemen updated today.

And also he said my documents are on office's desk and telling me that decision will be made in a matter of days.

LUD for I140 has been changed as today's date, 3/3/05.

What will happen to my case? Anybody has idea?

Someone hase same experience before approval.

Why not just approval without LUD?

Any comments will be appreciated.



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Hi could you guys describe how LUD was changed before the approval? Did you get an email indicating the change or you just found that online msg is different?

Thanks a lot!