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Hi, I am new to this site. Hope some of you can answer my questions below.

I was granted derivative asylum status as a child of asylum. I came to US in 1996 and filed i-485 in 1997 and am still waiting for it. I\'ve had finger print and an interview(didn\'t get stamp on passport) in 1998 and haven\'t heard anything from INS so far.

1. Is it normal? Since I have been waiting for 4 years already.

2. If I want to travel outside of US. Which document do I need to get, RTD or AP?

3. Do I have the same risk as asylum if I travel back to my home country even with RTD or AP?

Jack Archer

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 I also filed my asylum based I-485 in September 97. I had my finger print + interview in 2001 and still no final passport stamping.
  There are many asylees like us in the same situation. Before the September 11 tragedy there was some promising legislative activities in the Congress. But now no one knows when they will be delivered.

  Some lawyers say average processing time for asylum based GreenCard is 5 to 6 years these days.
  I have lost almost all hope in my asylee I-485 application that I have requested my employers to sponsor me for a greencard.