Deportation Removal and waiver


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Mr. Khanna,

I am an American citizen. I applied for my husband who had a deportation orderd before we were married for 12 years. After trying everything, my husband left the country volunteerily.
Recently, we received a deportation removal letter from immigration office. His i-130 is approved however.
I understand that my husband need some kind of waiver. Please tell me what are waivers and what kind of form they are. What should I do to bring my husband back to the US? We have 2 children and it has been very difficult both mentally and physically without him.
Thank you.


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my friend is going through the same thing ,your i 130 is approved thats good
your husband should be elegible for the i 601 hardsip waiver
and your i 130 approval will be sent to the nvc and my suggestion hire an attorney its worthed.
if you ARE working with an attorney, the NVC will take the following steps:
Assigns a case number to the petition.
Send the Affidavit of Support processing fee bill and the immigrant visa fee bill to the attorney.
After the Affidavit of Support processing fee is paid, the NVC will send the Affidavit of Support Process and the Applicant Document Process instructions to the attorney.
After the Affidavit of Support and Applicant documents are submitted to the NVC, the NVC will review the information submitted for technical correctness and completeness.
After reviewing the submitted documentation, and the file is complete with all the required documents, the NVC will send the petition to the embassy or consulate where the applicant will apply for a visa when the case file is complete. For certain embassies/consulates, the NVC will schedule the applicant's interview. Approximately one month before the applicant's scheduled interview appointment with a consular officer, all interested parties (applicant, petitioner, and attorney) will receive an appointment letter containing the date and time of the applicant's visa interview along with instructions for obtaining a medical examination.


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why was he deported? you will need i-212 and i-601 waiver. What country is he in/from? Try this forum it deals more with deportation and admissibility waivers.
Good Luck