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Greeting Simon, Sm1sMom and Susie!!!

I am a principal applicant of AOS DV2021. Myself(currently F1) and my wife(currently F2) are applying for AOS. While filling DS260, my wife had mentioned that she has completed Undergraduate degree. But there is a problem - In all of my wife's educational documents, her parents names are different( father's both FirstName and LastName different, mother's LastName different) than her other documents (Passport, Birth Certificate, and all forms to be submitted).

Father's Name Scenario:
Father's Name in her All Educational Documents (Yamkar Sharma)
Father's Name in her All other Documents (Yamkanta Dhakal)

Mother's Name Scenario:
Mother's Name in her All Educational Documents (Mamta Sharma)
Mother's Name in her All Other Documents (Mamata Dhakal)

All Other documents include Her passport, Her parents' Passports, Her parents' citizenship

Do you guys have any suggestions on how to go with this? I was wondering I should not even put her educational documents at all.

*Names are just for example and are not the actual names


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Derivative education documents are not relevant. Only the principal applicant needs to meet the eligibility criteria.


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Educational documents are not required from derivatives.

By the way, there’s a major thread for AOS related questions, consider posting subsequent questions on that thread as against creating your own thread. You will benefit immensely by posting and reading other people’s posts on that thread.
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