Denied I-751, pending court date and travel


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Asking for a friend as he does not have access to the internet....he got his green card through mariage to an American citizen. He recently filed for removal of conditions (form 751) but was denied as uscis deemed that his mariage was not a bonified one. He is appealing and was given an August 19,2020 immigration court date. His question is:
can he apply online for a travel authorization given that his green card and IDs have expired pending final immigration court decision.


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According to AFM chapter 25.1(h)(2), he should be able to get an I-551 stamp while he is in removal proceedings:
It is noted that the conditional resident whose status has been terminated should be issued a temporary I-551 during the pendency of his or her case before the immigration judge (see Genco Opinion 96-12).
I am not sure whom he would ask for an I-551 stamp. Probably USCIS, but USCIS offices are currently closed to in-person services.

However, I don't think he should be traveling abroad right now when he's in the middle of removal proceedings.