denied 3 times


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i'm new here and i would like to thank you for sharing your stories that really made me feel a lot better back to my story it might be long but please read it you might help me.i came to the usa in oct 2000 with 2 years student visa so i overstayed due to bad situation back home and not able to go back. in 2003 i met my wife and we were in a relationship then got married in dec 2005 at the time of the marriage she was still living with her parents and i was living with my dad because i was saving money to rent a place to live for me and my wife since i didnt have no work permit and was working in grocery store for less than minimum 2007 hired a lawyer to apply for i 130 we put the address on form my dads house because were going to move in togother to an apt a month later. march 2007 three ICE agents went to my wife's parents house 5 am for an investigation they told my wife since she lied and put on the i 130 form my dad's address they told her they going to arrest her and her mom since her mom was my co sponsor unless she withdraws the petition they will not arrest her which the cant do but the lied to her she got scared about her mom getting arrested so she signed the amonth after we moved in togother and filed another petition right after got my work permit 6 months later i got an interview letter but i couldnt make it becouse i was sick almost died from a fever so they denied my petition again because i asked them to reschedule my interview dated. so we filed a third petition after that but during that time i got removal proceeding letter from the immigration court with a day went to court told the judge that we waiting for an i 130 that still pending so he set a deferent date for another six months so 2 months later got an interview went there me my wife her mom as a support and our lowyer they interviewed us seperatly for 5 long hours which was the longest interview my lowyer ever had in his 20 years in low firm :nospeak: the interview was good my lawyer said and we did good plus when we told the officer that my mom in low is here as a support she asked to interview her at the end of the interview the officer was nice said that she has to send my file to ICE as they requested ????? 2 months later i received a denial 4 pages letter from the immigration saying the denied the petition due to some discrepancies in the answers which is not true at all so we appealed after and still waiting since july of 2009 my lawyer saying that since im muslim so is my wife and im middeleastern they don't want me here but love my wife and this great country. please help what to do