Delivery of a baby for a wife on b1/b2 visa made the counsler refuse the renewal of visa fr husband

a friend of mine got visas for him and his wife , she delivered twins in the us , her visa has 2 years to expire , while yhe husband visas expired! So he went to apply , the co rejected his visa, twice! Do you think there is a chance if applies again? Any similar expriences?
Is the wife still in the US? Who paid for the hospital and all other associated delivery fees? How long ago was this?
Hi Sm1smom, no the wife stayed 2 months and she returned back with her husband, her husband paid all the fees of the hospital and the doctor seperatly by his credit card in order to have it as a proof, he also got a letter from the doctor and from the hospital that he have self paid in full and that the wife did not use any aid! Or governmental or insurance cover he paid over 15 k and this was november 2016!
What do you think about this! They went as total more than 5 times to usa and got back to there home country!
They told hik dis u lie at port of entry abt ur wifes pregnancy he said no! He said that he told them she was at her 5th month, so they said she was not at her fifth bcz ur wife hd birth and sure she was at her 7th he said he didnt lie! So they told him ur visa is refused


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Well if he has been found guilty of lying to receive an immigration benefit, he should forget about being approved for a NIV. Same with the wife, I'm certain she wouldn't be allowed back into the US on her current visa, and a new one wouldn't be approved either. That's the price they pay for lying at the POE.