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Gurus I have a very simple question [for you]........

Many Schools and Colleges in United States have a clause in their application form for seeking admissions stating:
Are you Permanent residents of United States?


If a person is on H1-B visa and has applied for a Green card. If this person gets EAD, will he/she be called as a permanent resident, or this person have to wait for actual arrival of his/her green card?


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I have heard that many school are allowing people with H-1b visa to pay in state fee due to recent change in law. I think the only requirement I have heard is that you must be on H-1b for a year.

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Actually one doesn\'t have to be on H1b for 1 year; one has to live in the state for a year and show the tax return receipt as a proof. Usually what happens is that spouses have H4 (which allows studying) wait for 1 calendar year, then start the studies. One thing to note, too, is that it\'s not usually a good idea to start studies right away, paying out-of-state tuition fees. The reason is that it\'s (I\'ve heard) either impossible or difficult to change the status; so, it\'s better to wait for the full year, to get into in-state status.
Even though that\'s really irritating if you can\'t work or study. Some people use that time to attend shorter language courses etc.; that may be a good idea.


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Depends on state.

H1Bs (and H4s) are not considered residents in WA for tuition purpose regardless of period of stay. I think it is also true of
some other states.