Dates for FGPEE this year?

Sandeep Bhangui

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Has anyone received any notification from NABP as to when this year\'s FGPEE exam be held? I ahve completed the entire applictaion process and am waiting for the exam dates. If you call the NABP board they do not tell the dates? Was wondering if anyone on this Board had received any official information on this from NABP.


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Hi Sandeep!
      I am Siri here.I have sent the application enclosing all the original documents and the notorized copies in july 2nd weekto take the FPGEE this year..I haven\'t received any intimation from the board till date.I had called the board a month back and they said that it will take about 6-12 weeks to know about our application status,which is very ridiculous!!!One of my friends who had applied in april, as soon as she got the application got her approval 10days back.But ,her case is different as her application was rejected last year.I do not know when to expect an approval and then when to book an examination date.Everything is soo confusing????I have heard from many of my friends that they ask for this doc. and that at the nick of the moment.So, no other go but to a message as soon as u get ur approval.Bye!