Dallas filers - any walk-ins allowed for Fingerprinting at North Dallas ASC?


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Does the North Dallas ASC allow walk-ins? My parents have received their FP Notice for 7/23 but I was wondering if we could get the FP done earlier. I've read on various forums that other ASCs allow walk-ins as long as there is an FP notice, and the ASC is not very busy. Thanks!


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I have read in the forum that a lot of people are doing this and now I guess they are aware that people are just going in early in spite of an appointment date given by them. Because when we went they asked us as to why we came in at an earlier date. They want to see some proof or evidence that we cannot make it on the appointment date. If you are able to do that then you have a chance. Any way it hardly matters. This will not necessary expedite your processing.