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I am current!! Now what??
My PD finally became current (PD March 20, 2003 - Other Workers). Filled I-140 and I-485in December 2003. Haven't received any noticed about transfer to local office. So guys, what should I do? Does it mean there won't be an interview? If I don't get anything by next Visa Bulletin and the PD retrogresses or become unavailable, does it mean I will have to wait again? I am very confused! Don't know how it works. My lawyer told me to wait. Please help?????
Thank you all


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I'm surprised to hear you filed an I-485 while your I-140 was 2 years behind being current. Are you sure that was done correctly, I thought the I-140 was just supposed to be filed independently as a petition? Maybe it's different than an I-130...someone care to shed light on this?


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My I-140 and I-485 were filed concurrently back in 2003. At that time the law was that way. So, once the PD is current, how long is average time for an approval?
Thank you