Curiousgeorge TN->GC link

A few years ago I found the curiousgeorge posts very helpful in understanding the TN to GC process.
Thanks nelsona for updating the link.
Although almost all the info is the same today in 2019, I would like to point out a few updates.

In 2017 USCIS updated their 30/60/90 policy of immigration intent to a straight 90 day rule.
For TN to GC that means you must wait 90 days from your last entry into the USA before filing your I-485. (i recall the curiousgeorge thread mentions the old 30 day rule). Google the term "USCIS 90 rule" for more explanation.

In 2018 the wait time for EAD and AP has increased to 4 to 6 months. (was normally 2 to 4 months).
Check USCIS processing times posted on USCIS website ( ) and select I-765 at the National Benefits Center. The processing times do go up and down over time.

If you frequently travel outside the US for business or pleasure, this will make it more difficult. There will be 9 month or more stretch that you cannot leave the US. Waiting for your EAD and Advance Parole document will be nerve wracking, as USCIS processing times do fluctuate.

Do we have any users that have recently gone through the TN to GC process that can post their time lines and experiences?
Thank you Nelsona!
I remember bookmarking the original link last year and could not find it shortly afterwards. Currently on a TN and starting out on the GC process now.

Thanks again!
I am working as a Software Senior Consultant . In the same area, I have 11+ years of experience. I have bachelors degree in Instrumentation and control Engineering. I did the Canadian equivalency through WES. My bachelors degree has computer subjects as well. Will I encounter any problem when apply for TN visa with my education . Much appreciate on senior guidance in my question
Can I still renew by TN with an approved i130 if my priority date isn't current as I am a born Indian with Canadian citizenship? Will I have to mention about my approved i-130 while renewing my TN?