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    Hi everyone,

    hope yall doing well its been longtime since i got my green card and i got advise from some of you guys to apply for reentry permit to not abandon my green card as im planning to move to us permanently by end of this year

    after i came back and i was already got my (SSN-GC-DL-bank account) i decide to get my self credit card from our local bank, and when they know im gc holder and i have to file my tax every year just like US citizens they told me i have to bring my SSN to get a credit card which something required from US IRS (i belive so im not sure..)

    so my question is if i got my card will the credit history that i'll make in here will be considered when i move to US?

    another question filing tax is it after 1 year from receiving GC or it should be before april? ( i got mine in june)
  2. SusieQQQ

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    No, your credit abroad will make no difference. If you have a US credit card that you use that will help your credit record. I find it very strange that your local bank wants a SSN by the way, unless they collected it as part of the usual form that is for submission to the irs for US persons. If that’s the case it’s definitely just an irs requirement and diddly squat to do with a credit record.
    You must file tax from the first calendar yea you got your green card. If you got your green card last year then you need to file for 2017. See also
  3. leawe

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    thanks sussie ur comments never disappointed ... i'll found out exactly by tomorrow
    i was hoping if there is a way to get these credits there
  4. TheaT

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    Hi there, Susie is right about that SSN has no relation to your credit history. However, as part of the Patriot Act, most banks require to see your SSN when you apply for a credit/lending product.
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