CPSA Rule Calculation for Form I-130 Familybased Visa

here is my situation.my uncle file for my mother for Form I-130. When i was a child . My question is if i still under the CSPA Rulr based on the below :

1. Date of birth for me: Sep, 30, 1992
2. Filing Date of the petition : jun, 26, 2006
3. Date the Form I-130 was approved: jun, 26, 2010
4. Length of time the Form I-130 was pending (#3-#2): 4 Years
5. Date the petition became current: (Estimated)after one year and 5 months
6. Date the visa became available: (Estimated) after one year and 5 months

8. Age of child for CPSA purposes ?

So based on this formula the child should be qualify or not under CPSA Rule. I wanted know if this is the correct way to calculate or not. you can also see that the waiting time was so long 4 years till approved , 10 Years and more till be a current maybe its advantage for us ?

Please advice


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What do you mean "after one year and 5 months"? Do you mean it will be current one year and 5 months after today?

If the petition was pending for 4 years, the child does not age out until 21+4=25 years of age. The child is already 25 and almost 26. So the child has aged out.


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Unfortunately you've already aged out and the bulletin is not even current yet for your case (which is F4 if based on your uncle filing for your mother, latest VB it is only current to Feb 2005)
you can look up "CSPA calculator" online and input the relevant dates to confirm. Sorry.