Could I change job while awaiting spouse's approval?


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Dear all:

I just got my 485 approval on June 29. (I submitted my 485 with that of my family’s in August 2002.) Unfortunately, I have not heard anything yet about approval for my family.

My green card application is based on my work as a Business/System Analyst. During the terms of my “indentured servitude,” I learned some other trades that are even more marketable.

I am thinking about moving on to the next employment, but the next job description will be different from that of the current one.

If I quit my current job and accept job from another employer, will it jeopardize my family’s green card approval?

I am sincerely looking for advice. Thank you very much.


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probably not for ur families' approval. but could be a problem if you switch too soon, with citizenship and other issues.

It is recommended that u stay for atleast 6 mths with sponsoring employer to avoid implications of fraud.


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3-4 months also are enough

Just stay put for atleast 3-4 months to avoid any troubles later. U have spent so many years, why take a chance for 3 more months.