Cost and Timeline for N400 --> US Passport

Hi all.

1. Any guides on what is the total cost and time (from filing to getting a US passport) of getting US Citizenship?
- can any forms be skipped (say Cert of Citizenship might not be needed in-lieu of a US passport) to cut the cost down

2. Any relevant and useful threads?

3. Also, once i am a US citizen, can i just leave the USA without applying for a US passport? (the current passport i have is still valid and still can be used). Will then apply for a US passport at the US embassy of my original country.


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1. Cost is $725 (N400 fee plus biometrics fee). Time is anything from a few months to over a year, depending on field office. You can check average processing times for your FO here
You get the certificate of naturalization “included” in the above cost at your oath ceremony.

2. Not on this forum afaik. You can PM for an active section on another forum.

3. No. Once you are a USC, by law you must both enter and leave the US on a US passport. You can use your valid passport to enter and leave other countries. See last paragraph here