Continue or discontinue masters

Hello i have a question regarding my visa status, i have come to USA in 2015 and currently doing my second masters, i have got married to a citizen in the month of july 2018. We have applied for adjustment of status and i have received my EAD card in this week (3/8/2019). Wanna know if i can drop my masters or do i still have to go to college until my GC interview is done? i have completed 3 semesters so far?
Got married to US citizen. I have completed my first masters in 2016 and i have rejoined for doing my second masters, i am half way through to complete it, however we wanted to visit my country to spend some time with my family which can be atleast 3 months, we were waiting for my EAD and travel document to arrive. As we have received it, we can't wait to visit my country. I am not sure if i have to wait until my GC interview is done (its still in the process of scheduling) to discontinue my masters or should i go ahead and continue my studies? If i have to continue i dont think i can visit my country until i complete it as i have already taken a semester break.


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Presumably you have a lot invested in your second masters, why throw all that money and hard work away is what many would wonder. International students typically plan their home country visits during breaks. What university is this?