Confused on filing advance parole or refusee travel document.

Discussion in 'Employment Authorizations (EAD) and Advance Parole' started by SUPOKS, Mar 18, 2013.


    SUPOKS New Member

    i was granted asylum on 02/13/12 and now on 02/13/13 i am able to file for a permanent resident card. but for some business reason i need to travel outside the country so im also applying for i 131 but really got confused on the advance parole or refugee/asylee travel document option.

    So if i file both of the forms at the same time what will be i? an asylee filing for travell document or an asylee filing for advance parole.(what option should i click)?

    as i'm trying to file it by today or tomorrow you comments would be really appreciated.

    thak you!

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