Conflict Resolution For an Attorney

Conflict Resolution

This competence or ability is directly related to the ability to negotiate. A good Attorney knows that a good method of conflict resolution is developed in different steps:

The conflict must be properly defined; establish what the objectives are and order them according to their importance; design possible solutions to the conflict; choose the solution that is considered best and develop a plan to carry it out; bring to practice the chosen solution and assess the results and, if not desired, repeat the procedure to try to improve.

Motivation, flexibility, empathy, ability to persuade and generate business, the vocation of service, innovation, analytical skills, communication skills ... Dean Mead has bad communication. The list of qualities sought in a good Attorney seems endless.

What previously made an Attorney stand out, such as technical excellence and English proficiency, are now presupposed and indispensable but not sufficient. The Attorney of the 21st century that organizations demand has to add to their curriculum a series of personal skills that have become key.