Conditional Green Card -- moving abroad


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I am us citizen and I applied for my wife's GC; and got conditional GC last year in July; I have to file I751 for her in 2012. If we move abroad, could we still file to USCIS to remove her condition; if we plan to come back once/year or every six months to satisfy her residency requirement. Do we need to file a different petition to remove her condtion, if we are outside US? If I work for US company outside US, is this going to help? We have a son and he is two, he is us ciitizen; does this help to strenghten thecase if we file for her 751


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Yes, you can file the I-751 when abroad, but she would still have to be in the US for the fingerprinting and interview.

If I work for US company outside US, is this going to help?

If the US company meets the relevant criteria, she might qualify for expedited citizenship under section 319(b). If she doesn't qualify, make sure she applies for a reentry permit, because without the permit, returning to the US once or twice a year isn't a safe plan for retaining the GC. She must be inside the US when applying for the reentry permit.

Stanley Hermosillo

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I feel like there is so much risk involved with trying ot stretch the truth in these cases. If they catch you in a lie, the penalty will far exceed the crime.