Company Acquisition And Stocks


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Hi all,

I am working for company A on h1 says company A has been acquired
by company B-but company A maintaining its own entity which the acquisition
is transparent to users and all its employees maintaining its own payroll
and tax-id no.remaining the same.

Now they are offering stocks of company B.

1)Am I eligible to take stocks of company B?

2)I dont have any paper or document of company B.If there is any transaction for the stocks does they send any 1099\'s from company B?

3)Is it considered to be active income?

4)since I dont have H1 of company B Is it legal to purchase stocks
of company B?I mean to say I should not get any income from comp B,is it correct?

5)I know that stock market is an upset.But still can I invest on my own risk?

I know that this is not the right forum but your views are really appreciated.