Commotion after Jan 2003

Is it possible to get pre-degree or plus two evaluated as pre-pharmacy ?

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Hi everyone,
Have to clarify a few doubts.I am an Indian pharmacist graduated after Jan 2003.My problem is I desparately want to write the FPGEE,as you know being an Indian pharmacist gives you scarely little to live by,especially in my state of Kerala.
Recently I read that nabp permitted a Malaysian student to write FPGEE under similar conditions on the basis of his plus two being evaluated as equivalent to one year pre-pharmacy work by educational credential evaluators.
So,basically I don't understand why others don't get it and ultimately,whether I will get it.I won't say I am confused,I know what this is all about(politics).Please help with your valuable inputs.Used to be soft-hearted,no longer am,so I won't be least offended by your comments.Regards,
A googly pharmacist