Comes under H1 Cap ?

I spent 6 Years from 1998-2004 in US on H1 Visa. I have obtained H1 extension for the period I was not in US due to Health issues. So my H1 was extended upto 12/27/2004 (from Apr 2004). But I Moved out of US in July 2004 itself, leaving 5 months of valid time on my H1 Extension. I think my counter is reset now and I am eligible for 6 Yr period again. But this valid 5 month period (which expired by the above mentioned date) can be used to renew the H1 without coming under CAP (or get new H1 using my previous expired H1 with out H1 cap ?) ? Is it a possibility ? Also, I am not with the same employer now. What are my options ?