Colorado - Received deferred judgement for felony menacing (Domestic Violence) in 2009

Hello all,

In 2009 I was arrested in Colorado for felony menacing. It was the first time I had been arrested, and the fear of prison led me to accept a plea deal to plead temporarily guilty for a class 5 felony menacing. I was to complete 2 years of probation, which was successful, and the plea was removed and the charges dismissed in 2011. My lawyer who I retained at the time actually did not show up to the court date of my plea and the judged asked if I wanted a public defender to represent me in accepting the plea deal, which I agreed with. I didn't know until now, that it would leave me exposed to being deported.

It has been 7 years and I have had no issues and will be receiving my doctorate next year. I was an orphan, and was in foster care for majority of my life and emancipated from the system at 16. I do not speak the language of my birth country, have no family, etc. I only mention this because I don't know if the judges take this into consideration.

I am wondering if it is safe for me to apply for citizenship. With news of deportation, I just want to get all my ducks in a row before it worsens.

Thanks all!