Code 2 biometrics notice in mail today


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I think it is somehow connected to the inquiry from the senator. I contacted one senator on sep 09 and saw LUDs on 20th and 21st. I contacted another senator on 09/16 and saw LUDs on 27th and 28th. By the way, I did not get any biometics notification, but then my 2nd FP is not past its expiry of 15 months yet.


485 RD : dec 2003
Namecheck pending since then.

gc_man said:
Same here, saw another LUD change this morning after yesterday's LUD.


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First of all, understand that things are not in your control. Only thing you can do is pray and keep faith. When you go to ASC, you can REQUEST the immigration officer to do an early bio. Assuming that there is not a lot of people queued up and depending on officer's state of mind, he/she may allow you to take the code 2 bio earlier - it is entirely discretionary. If you call USCIS they will tell you that on the spot appointment pre-ponement does not happen. Get the picture?

LUD stands for last updated - representing the date when your online status was last updated on the USCIS website.

Good luck and just switch off if the anxiety gets to you....


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Purple.. Good luck to you! we have two more days to see what will happen here.

I just got FP done, Sacaramento ASC. Kick out by Guard and enter later when Guard walked away. No question ask. If they are not busy, they will let you in. They never check the appointment date.

Finger and toe crossed.
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I got 2nd FP notice(code 3) for Oct 13. But I walked in yesterday. They let me in and took photo,signature and fP of all fingers....
Yesterday I saw an LUD(09/27/2005) on my 485. today also there was an LUD(09/28/2005). So Purplehazea....I am also in the same boat as yours....


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GO GO GO!!!! 485 Approved!

For all who received his/Her Code 3 FP notice, here is my story:

On Sept 26, recved FP notice for main applicant(not my wife), appointment date Oct 19,2005! I am CHINA/INDIA petitioner(EB2-NIW).
Based on my reading from this forum, I believe there was a small chance my 485 would be approved soon.
Today I walked in Sacramento ASC for FP, first was kick out by the
Guard. Guard had name list on his hand and check the name. when Guard went to Restroom or whereever, I went directly to receptionist. She never check the appointment date, only name/ID etc. I got a number and got FP done in less than 30 minutes.
AFter that, I sent email to CSC XII and got the reply my status was stuck on name check(BS!) like before.

Made an appointment through Infopass on Sept 30 and hope see immigration officer on the last day and make my last shot!(well, Thanks God! I need cancel it!)

Just wake up to check if my LUD status changed due to FP done, and found yes, LUD changed today on 9/28/05. When i click in the status hoping see the unchanged status description/or something like FP received. I found both me and my wife's 485 were approved! :D

Check email and found approved emails!

Thanks God!

I140 EB2-NIW 11/1/03 RD
I485 1/4/2004 RD
I140 RFE 12/1/05
I140 AD 3/5/2005
I485 RFE 3/5/205
I485 RFE recvd 3/27/2005
Code 3 FP 9/28/2005
I485 AD 9/28/2005 :D

No other LUD unless address changed. Good luck to all who received the FP and you MUST try your FP in next two days! It could save your 5 years!

Thanks this forum! Without its information I would wait for scheduled FP!


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guys .
i havent received biometrics but my wife has... i believe i have not received mine because of some address confusion. since i have used ac21 and left my previous company...i might not get it from the lawyer too..since he works there...i called bcis and they said just go with ur spouse...any idea what i should do ?