Classification of landmarks


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A simple suggestion for the designers:

Since we have so many scattered landing experiences and 'coz the processing speed of pending cases has picked up so positively in the last few weeks, a lot more people maybe interested in reading exclsuively about this phase.

Maybe it's a good idea to create a separate forum for "Landing", under which we could have "pre-landing preparation(all the docs needed, do's and don'ts as they keep changing, etc)", "actual landing experiences(PR online or not, photos taken or not, funds to be shown and goods to be declared, etc)" and "post-landing experience (links/info helpful to all newly landed immigrants, such as Jenny's place, etc)". I guess it entails some cut-paste efforts, but it may improve the accessibility of the forum. just a thought.....


Could also have something similar for "initial assessment"....since the whole immigration process is just checkpoint-based or landmark-based, initial assessment and landing (and any other major stages) are simply examples of checkpoints and can have separate forums which have sub-forums (pre, during, post) as below:

A. pre-assessment :timelines, trackers, application process queries
B. actual docs requested or interview-or-not during assessment, and
C. post-assessment : steps to be followed next after assessment - medicals, RPRF, interview requirements and timelines.