Clarifications regarding my marriage visa


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Hello to all,

I would like to receive advice on my situation. I will get married in January, I am an Italian citizen and my girlfriend is an American citizen. We want to get married in the United States in January, but we are very confused about the procedure to follow.

My idea was to go to the United States in January, get married, fill out the i-130 and i-765 form all together. Meanwhile my work permit (i-765) is in the works, I wanted to go back to Italy because honestly I can't afford all these expenses if I can't work

What do you think? Could you give me some advice, please? Is the procedure correct? How long will the i-765 take?

Thank you very much for your time.
You can enter the US and get married as planned. Then your spouse files an I-130 while you return back home and complete the migration process from Italy. You can’t simply file an I-130 with an I-765, a pending I-130 does not make you eligible to file a work permit.