Clarification of change of status while waiting I485 pending


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Hello, can anyone help me with a definate correct answer or where to find it!!?? I am on J2 visa and my employer is sponsoring me for PR through PERM. I visited the USCIS offices last week to ask how to stay in the US while my PERM/I140/485 are pending. I have to say that I was not that sure about what the officer was telling me as she was looking it up on the internet - she said that as long as my I140/I485 were pending/I140 approved I could apply for adjustment of statues - is this correct even though there could be several years wait for a visa number?? I am not subject to the 2 year HRR. I actually also picked up a leaflet at the USCIS office which said they coule even allow previously approved employment to continue (I am working on my J2). Does anyone know where I can get the absolute correct answer to this question. It is a big worry the though of having to pack up and leave if I140 approved. I am not too worried about having to work.