Civil Demand

I was caught shoplifting (I shouldn’t have done that and I will never going to do t again. It’s not worth it) for $105 or so. They took me to the room and filled out a paper work and told me that you will have a fine send to your house and pay it. I did ask him will it be on any records. He told me that it will not be on any criminal records or public records the only place it will be is in National retailer database which is for all retailers like Sears, Target, Walmart etc.... and if you apply for a job in the retail sector it will show up.
After which I called them and they said this is what the fine will be like $400 and told me that it will not be on any Criminal or public records. My question is

1. Do I have to really pay the fine?
2. Will this show up when I apply for my H1B Extension?
3. Do I have to let my Immigration Attorney know about this?