citation for reckless driving : affect on N400 ?

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by kharghosh, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. kharghosh

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    Hi all

    My spouse has a reckless driving ticket about 2 years ago- fine was 180 $ which was paid.

    Has anybody had that - how was it looked at by the IO? We don't have our interview date yet, but I am getting slightly concerned about this particular citation.

    Looking for similar /known experiences from this community.

  2. WBH

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    Should not be a problem. In some states it is very easy to get a reckless driving record. in Virginia, 80 mph on interstate highway or 20 mph above speed limit
    on state road can get a reckless driving ticket while in other states they are still just regular speeding tickets. It is not a surprise if your IO may have
    a reckless driving ticket in the past
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  3. desibartender

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    I had similar ticket but I paid 20 cents less I think than your wife. I forgot to mention it on my app and then told the IO in the interview about. He ignored it totally and said it did not matter. My interview was over in minutes and oath is scheduled for 1/28.

    No matter what this forum says about citations I think it is overblown here.

    It is like having a chest pain due to acidity, looking up on the internet and concluding that you are having a heart attack (Extremely, common case in emergency rooms I hear). The more you read on internet the more scared you will get.

    By the way are you Mr. Ghosh from Khar, Mumbai or do you just happen to have the bunny face and ears?
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  4. GungaDin

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    < $500 and non-DUI == No cause for concern
  5. GungaDin

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    Hear Hare (khargosh)
  6. SEA400

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    GungaDin, I am trying to dicipher - Hear Hare.

    Did you mean Hare, as in the animal Hare which of course means Khargosh
    Or is it Hare, as in green in hindi
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  8. kharghosh

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    Thanks for the reassurances !!
    I can now go hoppitty hop and munch carrots and lettuce in peace !!
  9. Triple Citizen

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    Lucky citations!!!

  10. Vorpal

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    I guess they view Bill Clinton as a role model. ;)
  11. SamanthaKarl

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    Someone who is driving recklessly may have a willful disregard of safety, or may simply have a wanton attitude about the rules of the road. Some examples of reckless driving can include ignoring basic safety laws, such as laws forbidding people to pass in front of oncoming traffic, laws prohibiting crossing train tracks in front of an oncoming train, and laws regulating speed. People who exceed the speed limit by an unusually high amount may be considered reckless drivers because they are putting other drivers in danger. In deciding a reckless driving case, a court weighs the nature and degree of risk disregarded by the driver, the nature and purpose of his actions and the circumstances known to the driver while he was driving. The prosecution must show more than the driver's simple, gross or criminal negligence in proving reckless driving.
    DUI Lawyers
  12. Al Southner

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    This is a 7 months old thread, why did you resurrect it? Thanks for the explanation of what DUI is, we really needed someone to define it for us, after all, in the 7 months since the last posting on this thread, we could never figure out what is a!!!
  13. WBH

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    NC is tough. I got a reckless driving ticket because I drove 80mph over 65 mph zone
    when I passed that state. I still admit I was stupid that time. But I would have only got
    an ordinary speeding ticket in many other states.

    In this forum it has also been reported one can get a reckless driving tticket in NC by driing
    40 mph in a 25 mph zone

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