Children's H4 expired and case moved to MO


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I live in Houston and work as a teacher. Mi wife and 4 children came with H4 visas in December, 2003. We filed for our green card in summer 2005.

About two months ago I got two letters (for two of my children) stating that I had not renewed their H4 visas in 2004 and therefore they were out of status for almost two years from 2004-2006. Even though I didn't get letters for my two other children, their case is the same.

Indeed I didn't renew their visas because I didn't know I had to (we never left the country). My attorney sent some info which I don't think will be enough. I know about "nunc pro tunc", so we may try that later if we need to.

My question: After my attorney responded, my children status online showed as "Request for Evidence" and the notice below said that they had received the response on Oct. 30th, and that they were going to respond with a decision by mail within the next 60 days. My case was in Mesquite, TX. I just got letters for all of us saying that they moved our case to Lee's Summit, MO "in order to speed up processing". Our status online went back one step to "Initial Review".

I wonder (1) if this has anything to do with the first issue or not, (2) if this resets their time to respond (by phone the recording now says 180 days), and (3) if this means someone else is going to review the whole thing from scratch which could mean that they bring up the expired H4 issue once again in the future.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.
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