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    I travelled US with F1 visa last August 2015 to pursue my Ph.D. I met my fiance in a week and we were in love instantly.We were insaperable since then for all these months.
    We got engaged March 2016 (yet to find the engagement receipt). I was unable to continue with my studies so I decided to come back to India. My F1 visa is out of status and I came back to the country in two weeks after I withdrew from school.Hence,I didnt do anything illegal.
    We plan to file for the K1 visa in three months. We have pictures together and plenty of proof that were were in touch.
    Is it necessary that he visits India and get engaged here as per Indian rules?? He doesn't have a passport.We have plenty of proof in facebook posts and stuff that we are engaged.
    Is my case straightforward or do we need to worry?
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    If yours is a genuine relationship.. and not just for a green card.. you shouldn't have to worry.

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