Child birth on tourist visa


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Hi all,
I am Pakistani residing in saudia. I am planning to visit US to deliver my baby, so he can get US citizenship.
My concern is, is it possible to enter US?
Which states is cheap in regards to cash delivery in hospital?
Which hospital and what's the procedure to visit hospital?
Cheapest residence, where and how to get?
How long it will take to get US passport for baby so I can travel back to saudia?
I don't know anyone there, so I have to manage everything at my own and my husband can't travel with me, I have son , who, will be 16 months at the time of my second baby is born?
Does US gives citizenship to parents of child born in US or not?
I will appreciate all the suggestions and I would like to know more from personal xperience.


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Technically, there is nothing wrong with entering the U.S. on a tourist visa with intention to give birth, per se. However, the usual issue is that they are worried that you may end up using taxpayer money in the process. Giving birth in the U.S. is expensive, and occasionally if there happens to be a bunch of complications (hope not, but you never know), it can go up to $100K - $200K or more. So you pretty much should have insurance that will cover it no matter how high, or they can't trust you not to use taxpayer money.

I think you can get a U.S. passport in a few weeks at most. You just need the birth certificate, and the actual passport application can be expedited. The baby can't travel immediately after birth anyway.

The child being born in the U.S. has no effect on the immigration status of parents. The child can petition parents for permanent residency only after he/she turns 21.