Child abduction issue and visa revocation


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Short and simple, me and my wife have been having marital issues. She is German national and my child was born in Germany, entitling her to dual citizenship.

Wanting to visit her family for 5 weeks, I agreed with her taking my child. Then first week after arriving she has informed me that she isn’t returning and staying in Germany with my daughter.

I tried for two days to talk some sense into to her over the course of two days. I even wrote her sister who she is residing with and explained the situation that her sister is in.

No rush to reply or respond I contacted her one last time to be adults and set up some type of arrangement. I even stated multiple times that I didn’t want to see anyone get in trouble and I only wants what’s best for my daughter. She was raised in the US, doesn’t speak German and is being coached by my spouse. She eventually blocked me and I have contacted the Dept of State and asked for guidance or assistance in this matter.

While trying to reach an agreement, i told her she can keep my daughter for 28 days. Instead of the 5 weeks, we originally agreed upon because she told me multiple times she was coming back and days of myself pleading and begging her.

How can I get her Visa revoked and what are the odds of winning my child back? I also have proof she was collecting the German “kindergeld “ while living in the US for over 4 years. She denied it and I never had access to her account.

Where do I stand with getting my daughter back who is a priority? How can I keep her away so she can’t retaliate?