Checklist for j1 waiver (what to do for a No Objection Statement)


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Hey everyone,

I have noticed it's hard to find an overview which clearly states what you have to do exactly to apply for the J1 visa waiver. (No Objection Statement NOS) This is why I'm posting this on this forum in hope to be of assistance to others.

In my case I needed the J1 visa waiver in order to receive the K1 fiance visa. My home country is The Netherlands.

First of all you have to follow the checklist on the Department of State (DOS)website: then search for the J1 visa waiver no objection

Complete the DS 3035 online application on the DOS website. Then you will immediatly receive your case number.

Then you have to submit the following documents to the Department of State:
* Fee (235 dollars)
* Form DS-3035
* Form DS-2019
* Passport Data Page
* Statement Of Reason

You also have to send the Third Party Barcode to the address listed on the DOS website. (Washington)

Third: (and this is not listed on the DOS website's checklist!)
You yourself have to contact the embassy of your home country in Washington to ask for the Copy Waiver Letter. This says that your home country does not object to you leaving your home country again within the 2 years of the 2 year rule.

These three items can be done immediatly.

Then you can keep checking your case status check on the DOS website using your case number.

Now you basically have to wait til you hear from the DOS. They will send their recommendation to the USCIS in Vermont. When you receive a favorable recommendation the USCIS will go over the papers one last time and send you the J1 No Objection Visa waiver to your home.

Good luck everybody!


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Hey Ficke Im sorry to hear that!! DO you have any idea why they didn't give you a favorable recommendation?


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Hello all,
I already sent change of address form 2 time but they did not put that change on system and finally they gave me a fax number and they said fax it to the that number and I already did that but there is no change on my system about my address.And now,they sent me a letter which needs to be filled with my parents name but I could not receive that paper cuz of my address.Anyone has any idea what I can do with that problem? I really need help.

Stanley Hermosillo

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good info

I have been searching for something like this for some time and was contemplating putting it together myself... glad I found this first!