Check for Re-entry permit status


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I, my wife and my daughter received our green cards last year and we were planning to return to India after we receive our green card. I applied for the re-entry permit for all three of us in April 2021 and mentioned in the application that I would like to receive our re-entry permits in US consulate in India. We received the receipt notices shortly after that and then in May 2021, we received mail from USCIS saying that they will be re-using our biometrics from their records. In June 2021, I received the approval notice for re-entry permit for my daughter alone. In July 2021, we moved back to India for good. Now it is August 2021, and when I checked USCIS for case status online, I see that both my and my wife's re-entry permit cases are still pending. Our cases are being processed at Nebraska service center.

How can contact USCIS for a case update? Their customer service number is an automated voice system and I could not find a way to talk to anyone. How long should I wait?



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According to the listed processing times, Nebraska SC is taking 8-10 months to process re-entry permits and is only taking case enquiries for cases filed before 8 Oct 2020 - probably very frustrating that you already have one family member approved, but you are still well within normal processing times.