Changing jobs while on EAD and AP


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Hello All
I tried to search for this topic before posting here but did not find a suitable answer.

My current employer has concurrently filed for the I140 and I1485(for me and my spouse). The labor used was substituted. RD for I140 and 485 is 08/05/04 .

I have an approved EAD card and AP on hand for both of us. FP was done on 10/12/04 and that was updated on 10/19/04 online. There was no online status change on 10/27/04 which many of you had.

There is a potential oppurtunity which I would like to pursue before getting the I140 or I485 approved. Is it advisable to do that? I would like to know the implications and risks associated in doing that.

Let me know if any information is missing.

Answers would be appreciated.


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It is advisable to stay with the company till atleast I-140 is approved.
But in your case, even 6 months have not passed after I-485 was filed.
You will not be able to change the companies for now.
Next thing to worry is whether your present company will not withdraw your I-140 application after you have left them and also support your I-140 application RFEs if you have any in the future.


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How about this guy's spouse EAD, If she uses EAD and the guy does not use EAD, will there be any problem ???

Will spouse using EAD automatically make the Primary applicant also deemed to use the EAD ???


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wait till ur 140 gets approved, now days 140 getting more scrutinised and in ur case is sub. labor, So be careful. In CA 140 getting scrutinsed more than any other service center. So wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!