Changing employer on EAD (does AC21 makes sense for my situation?)


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My current company has filed my Green card with “Manager” job title and salary for example base salary 100K/year to build hypothesis. My EAD got approved back in Feb-2012 and 180 days got completed in Aug-2012 since filing of I-485 application. Also recently I received 3 years H1b extension (July 2013 to July 2016) through my current company.

If my next employer can offer a Director job title (which is 2 level up than manager > Senior Manager > Director) with base salary for example 170K. If we assume; my current employer not going to cancle/withdraw I-140 application; what can be the next steps for my situation?

1. Can I file AC21 portability with USCIS? Given there is a huge difference (for example 70%) in a base salary, two level increase in job title (Manager to Director) and additional responsibilities as a Director in new company; is it good idea to file AC21 with USCIS or not to inform USCIS by just doing wait and watch?
2. If I don’t file AC21; what my next employer need to do as a backup option (transfer H1b visa from current employer to a new employer)?
3. What if we choose not to inform USCIS by filing AC21 portability in step #1 but doing H1b transfer in step #2 is nothing but informing USCIS about changing employer. Please advice the best practice in this scenario.

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