Changing employer after I485 approval

Hi Team - My I 485 was filed by employer A in 2012. I had to change my employer to employer B in 2018. Things have not been going so well, so I am considering looking out for outside opportunities. Given that, I am only couple of months away from the current EB2 priority date, I can stick around with Employer B until I485 is approved.
My question is, if I move to Employer C right after I 485 gets approved, would the 'intent to stay' still apply and USCIS would have expected me to stay for a "reasonable" time with Employer B. Or the fact that, I anyway moved out of Employer A who originally filed my I140 and I485 back in 2012 , would negate the "reasonable" time clause for Employer B and beyond.
Appreciate your thoughts on this!




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Under AC21 portability, you are allowed to switch employer after 180 days of filing I-485. USCIS normally sends RFE whenever you are close to priority date becoming current requesting to submit I-485 supplement J. At that time you would have option to say original job is still available to accept OR request job portability which is what you should be picking up & provide employer B's details.
Since under job portability clause you are allowed to switch employers, I don't think no intent to work for petitioning employer could be taken against you if you switch employer(s). Keep in mind this premise is based on the fact that new job you should be porting is of same or similar occupation.