Change of Status from H1B to L1 ?

Hi Gurus

i am canadian citizen. My existing 6 years on H1B is up and trying to get TN visa. But my employer HR says since my internal role in organization is different than computer systems analyst role to apply for TN. Instead advising for other visa.

So am i eligible to apply for L1 after 6 yrs on H1B us up? in next 2 months its expiring. is there any other option? pl advise.


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No, you have to have been working abroad for the company or its foreign affiliate. Besides, time on H1 counts against 5-yr L1 clock, so even if you could, you have no L clock available to you. As was mentioned before, your firm should have started PERM process a year ago, and you would now be eligible for extended H1 (and spouse would have H4 EAD).
It is either TN or nothing at his point.