Change of Legal Name for Indian Citizen living in USA on H1B

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  1. blueworld

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    Legal Name Change for Indian Citizen living in USA on H1B

    I am an Indian Citizen (28 male), and working in the USA (currently a resident of Pennsylvania) on a H1B Visa for the past 3 years. I want to change my name legally due to some personal reasons. But, I cannot travel to India at this moment to initiate the process.

    Can I apply for a name change via the Indian Embassy in New York ? I tried contacting the embassy but, as per the universal thumb rule of Indian Embassies ... No Answer :(

    Also, I am not sure how it would affect my legal status in the USA. Would I have to get a new H1B petition copy with a new name and would I also have to get a new Visa Stamped on the new passport which bears my new name ?

    Too many questions ... Please guide me !
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  2. nkm-oct23

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    Have you seen this-

    Indian government will require you to advertise in an Indian newspaper and a US newspaper. I think you will be issued a new passport and that you will need and an amended approved I-94 from USCIS and a new visa (if you are traveling) . Of course, you will need a new Driver license, correct your social security, bank and credit bureau records etc.

    Why do you want to subject yourself to this ordeal?
  3. blueworld

    blueworld New Member

    Thanks for answering back.

    I did see the link and since then I've been trying to reach the Embassy.

    I checked the process in India too. If I were to apply in India, a government gazzett would be issued to say that my name has changed as per official records. But, I am not sure how this is done if I apply via the Embassy here. Would the Indian Embassy send a notification to the concerned departments in India about the name change ?

    I know this is a very complicated process but, as I said, I have some strong personal reasons and No, its nothing to do with astrology or superstitions. But, I want to get this done soon :)

    Any more suggestions or answers would be of a great help
  4. blueworld

    blueworld New Member

    Ok these are my main concerns ...

    1). If a citizen is residing in India, he/she has to apply for a name change through a local Magistrate. Two local paper Ads are published. And then,a Government Gazzett will be issued about the change of name. With the help of this Gazzett, he/she can change the name in the Passport and other official certificates, documents, ID Cards. Now, Will the Indian Embassy also issue any official government certificate of Name Change ?

    2). After the name is changed in the passport, will I have any problems to renew my I-797, I-94 and get a Visa Stamped on the new passport with the changed name ?
  5. nkm-oct23

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    You will get a new passport with your new name once you fulfill all requirements. I don't think Indian embassy will issue a separate document for name change, it will be issued by the magistrate of the Indian court.

    You should have no problem getting I-797 amended and a new visa issued but you will have to treat these steps as if there were being done for the first time - all documents that you produced for your visa before will need to be produced again (and of course, you will need to make personal visit to a US consulate in India).

    Once you have valid immigration documents with your new name, you will need to get your social security records updated and get a new SS card. Then you will have to get a Drivers license in your new name. DMV will usually re-verify your status with immigration before issuing a new license. After that, report name change to bank(s), credit bureaus, employer, IRS, your state tax bureau, mortgage holder/renting agency, medical insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, vehicle registration, gas & electric, cable TV, cell phone service, home phone service, stock broker, mutual funds, retirement accounts, credit card issuers...

    You will need to do ALL these in a reasonably short period of time.

    Also factor in all the time and money you will be spending.
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  6. blueworld

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    So I guess I will have to apply for a name change at a local magistrate in India. I think I will goto the Embassy in NY and find out more answers. I will be so relieved if they confirm that I do not have to goto India and the whole process could be done through the Embassy here.

    But yes, I am prepared to take all the troubles and hurdles to get this done.

    Thanks so much for your inputs. Really appreciate it. I will update the thread after I hear from the Embassy.

    Any more suggestions are always welcome ...
  7. RachanaB

    RachanaB New Member

    I got my name change after marriage on my indian passport and my SSN. But the H1B Visa and I-94 still has my old name.
    I read in another forum, that a quick travel out of country will get me a new I-94 with the changed name. Is that true?
  8. ssingh3

    ssingh3 New Member

    Adding surname in passport when in USA on H1B

    I am also in the same boat. I dont have last name/surname in my passport. My name becomes Fnu <given name in passport> in US in each documents (I-94, SSN, DMV etc).

    I want to get rid of FNU. I just want to add surname in my passport when living in US. I know I need to advertise in indian news paper and as well in US news paper. I can do that. I will also receive new pasport from US consulate with surname added.

    Name in SSN is important when I am in US. Name according to SSN goes everywhere. DMV verify with SSN.

    My concern is -
    When you go to change name in SSN, will SSA allow to change name without getting new I-94 with updated name?

    If I get name changed in SSN, will DMV allow name change in DL overlook I-94, VISA etc?

    My understanding is VISA name can be changed later when you apply for extension/Transfer and new I-94 can be taken when you leave US and come back.

    Is that true?

    Please do reply, will appreciate your help.

  9. ssingh3

    ssingh3 New Member

    Any suggestion on this? Please.
  10. sapnakraj84

    sapnakraj84 New Member

    Hi ,

    I am on L2 .

    I am planning on changing my name altogether. I was looking up information on how to go about it.The consulate general of India issues new passports once all relevant documents are provided and advertisements given in local and Indian newspapers.

    I was wondering what will I need to provide apply the new name to I-94,SSN and driver's license? What sort of documents will I need to provide for these to take effect.In what order will I have to change the above mentioned documents (I-94,SSN,DL)?Will any change have to be made to visa? Or will carrying my old passport with the valid visa suffice?

    Does anyone know if the Consulate General of India provides any sort of affidavit stating that a name has been formally changed and the old name is "so and so" and new name is"so and so" .That could be useful in proving all educational documents are valid after the new name comes into effect.

    Thanks so much.
  11. sbs0006

    sbs0006 New Member

    For more information and step by step procedure on change of name on an Indian passport in US, refer the post in the blog
  12. Ramesh_Babu

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    What was your result? Did you able to get the new passport? Were you able to amend the I-797? Please share your experience. It will be helpful for many.

  13. bskk

    bskk New Member

    Hi Blueworld,

    Can you please share your experience? and how far it is possible and how much it will be impacting?

    It will be really helpful!


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