Change Multiple Employers after I-140 Approval ?


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I have my I-140 approved with my current employer A with Priority Date as Nov 2015. Now I have a Offer from a new Employer B which is of small size (50-80 employees) and they don't have history of filing any Green cards till now,but their H1B Transfers are very successfully without any rejection till now.

Q1. Is it Safe to accept offer from small company and proceed to get my PERM/GC processed with them ?

Q2. Let us say If I change to new employer C after working with Employer B for a year or two, Can the Employer C use my I-140 approved from Employer A for PERM/GC Processing ?

Q3. For some reason,If the I-140 gets rejectected through Employer B, Can I still use the I-140 which was approved from Employer A to later get Processed through Employer C ?

Please Suggest Thanks.